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Using Mr. Potato Head to Redesign Your Life

Gotcha, didn’t I? You thought that when I used a title about using Mr. Potato Head to redesign your life, I was meaning it literally. Actually, that whole idea is a bit fun. Imagine if you could wake up tomorrow and change your nose to go with the eyes you picked out the day before. You’d simply snap on new ears to redesign your face each day.

Using Mr. Potato Head to redesign your life, however, is still possible in a metaphorical way once you focus on the key idea of interchangeability. Just as there are several eyes, ears, noses, etc. in a Mr. Potato Head set, there are also reactions of joy, anger, discontent, and so forth, that are part of the assembly of a human life. The idea of using Mr. Potato Head to redesign your life is beneficial because it reminds you that interchangeability gives you options. You don’t have to stay the same old way.

Put another way, by associating your life with the interchangeable nature of Mr. Potato Head, you are given a chance to break the hurtful cycle of past behavior. Just as Mr. Potato Head’s eyes can be changed once you grow tired of them, for example, the features of your life that cause you hurt can also be changed. You can exchange anger for patience. You can exchange disappointment for perseverance.

Can you see how it would make you happy to know that if there was something you didn’t like about your life, you could simply recognize what it was and exchange it for something better? Interchangeability gives you a feeling of being in control, whether you’re playing with a Mr. Potato Head or struggling to change some undesirable quality.

More directly, you can even pretend that the specific features of Mr. Potato Head are symbols for what you don’t like about your life. The ears could represent hostility, the nose could represent shyness. In this way, the plastic features can offer you a certain tangibility, a new and beneficial way of bringing your emotions out into the open.

The point is that you are given the option to trade what doesn’t work for what does. In conclusion, have fun with your Mr. Potato Head set, but remember if you don’t like what you see you can always change it. Now where did I put my ears?

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