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Sagittarius Tattoo Design Ideas

Sagittarius is the zodiac symbol for those born between November 22nd and December 22nd. There are a few myths and legends that surround Sagittarius. The constellation also has a place in The Tarot. All of these stories can be used when creating a tattoo design idea for a Sagittarius.
Tattoo design ideas based on the Sagittarius symbol

Sagittarius is The Archer. The symbol, or glyph, of Sagittarius looks like an arrow pointing toward the Northeast. This is The Archer’s arrow. Here are a couple of ideas for tattoo designs based on this symbol:

1) A Sagittarius tattoo of just the symbol. Add anything with the tattoo that represents your personality. Use flames, flowers, butterflies, anything at all.

2) Make the arrow more realistic looking. Create a bow and arrow, pointing to the Northeast, or any type of bow. Have fun with how the bow looks, making it fit your personality. If you are into Dungeons and Dragons make an elven bow. The possibilities are endless.

Sagittarius tattoo design ideas based on mythology

There are two stories that revolve around the constellation of Sagittarius. Both of them have to do with archers, and one is much more famous than the other. However, both of them apart, or together, would make interesting tattoo designs.

1) The centaur Chiron was very smart, and he trained many of the most famous heroes of Greek mythology. Some of them include Peleus, Achilles, and Jason. Chiron was also considered a god, and therefore was immortal. When he was accidentally struck with one of Hercules’ poisoned arrows, Chiron was poisoned but could not die. The pain and torture from the wound became too much for him to bear and he gave up his immortality. Chiron was placed in the stars as Sagittarius.

Chiron was a centaur, meaning he had the upper body of a man and the lower body of a horse. Create a Sagittarius tattoo design of Chiron holding a bow with a notched arrow. The arrow would represent the Sagittarius symbol, but so would Chiron.

2) Crotus was a satyr who was a skilled hunter. He invented the bow and arrow. He lived on Mount Helikon where he kept the Muses happy. When he died, Crotus was placed in the stars as Sagittarius to remind the world of his hunting skills.

Satyrs are often depicted as having the upper body of a man and the lower body of a goat. This would be the obvious choice when creating a Sagittarius tattoo based on the satyr, Crotus. However, satyrs really had the tail of a horse, the ears of an ass, an always erect phallus, and they loved wine. They were always dancing, drinking, and making music.

3) How about a Sagittarius tattoo design of both Chiron and Crotus? Have Chiron holding the bow and arrow, and Crotus sitting on his back downing some wine or playing a flute.

Sagittarius tattoo design ideas based on The Tarot

The Tarot card represented by Sagittarius is Temperance. The card represents balance and could be a very beautiful tattoo design. The card has an angel with wings and a halo. He/she has one foot in water, the other on land. The sun is rising behind him/her. In his/her hands are two chalices, and he/she is pouring water from one chalice to the other. This means that the card represents all four elements of earth, fire, water, and air. This makes the elements balanced. The chalices also represent balance, as there is an equal amount of water in both.

Create a tattoo of the card itself. Make the angel beautiful and colorful, incorporating all four elements. By adding the Sagittarius symbol somewhere it will help stress the point of the tattoo design.

Some tidbits of information on Sagittarius for more tattoo design ideas

Use these bits of information to add on to any Sagittarius tattoo design.

1) The animal that represents Sagittarius is the centaur. Chiron has already been mentioned, but there are other centaurs in Greek mythology. Nessus was a centaur that managed to take down Hercules. Nessus tried to rape Hercules’ love, and the hero shot the centaur with his poisoned arrows. Just before he died, he told the woman that his blood would guarantee that Hercules would always love her. Later, she would give Hercules a blood soaked cloth, that because Nessus’ blood was poisoned, it poisoned Hercules.

Centaurs are also well-known for their lust for drink and debauchery. Create tattoo designs of any of these centaurs. Have Nessus with Hercules’ woman on his back. Or create a tattoo design of a centaur, drunk and partying.

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