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Easy Designs on Fingernails with Nail Polish

Women that enjoy colorful designer fingernails pay a lot for nail polish designs. When completed with care by a truly talented nail artist they can look like stunning works of art. The details are magnificent, and the colors are dramatic and bold. Unfortunately not everyone has the time or the money for this type of wearable art. Easy designs can be made using various colors of nail polish and everyone can do it. Give yourself designer nails at home, and create these easy designs on fingernails with nail polish. You just might surprise yourself!

Easy Daisy Dot Flowers on Fingernails

Absolutely anyone can create beautiful nail polish flowers that look just like tiny daisies. Begin by coating the fingernails with a background hue. When making daisy designs, consider using sky-blue or meadow green polish. Allow the basecoat to dry. Next, create small dots with yellow nail polish. Apply four to six dots on all of the fingernails, and wait until they dry before continuing. Lastly, create circles of white nail polish dots around the yellow centers to form daisies. They will look incredibly cute. No one will guess that you created these easy but impressive designs.

Multicolored Nail Polish Swirls and Glittery Curves

Would you like to create works of modern art on fingernails? You do not need a special air-brush or a professional technician. Apply a base coat in a deep dark color of your choice, and let the fingernails dry completely before continuing with the designs. Next, create a swirl similar to an S in the center of each of the fingernails. Allow the first designs to dry before moving on. Follow up by highlighting the designs with gold or silver. Simply make another S right alongside the first. The designs will have an eye-catching two-dimensional appearance. Your fingernails will look fabulous!

Special Effects the Easy Way with Cracked Nail Polish

Have you discovered the latest and greatest advances in polish technology? Special effects nail polish is available in an array of eye-catching colors, and it creates marble-like cracked designs on the fingernails. The thinner the crackle nail polish is applied, the more cracks will be created. The thicker the crackle nail polish, the wider and fewer the cracks. Keep in mind that the base color will show through the cracks on the fingernails, and the colors should be complimentary. This magical nail polish can turn ordinary painted fingernails into works of art, and in just two easy steps.

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