How to Become a Fashion Designer

For those that possess a sense of style the career choice to become a fashion designer may be an easy decision, but the road to success is a long one with a great deal of work involved. The job of a fashion designer encompasses many different skills rolled into a single career category, and to become a fashion designer requires that an individual must be competent at every aspect of the job in order to succeed, Added to this is that the competition to become a fashion designer is fierce in every country, and for every fashion designer that hits the big time with their own line of clothing there are thousands of hopefuls that will never make the grade. To become a fashion designer demands more than just education and training, as individuals that experience the most success in the fashion industry seem to have a sixth sense of what is most attractive to the masses and what will become popular very quickly upon release.

Usually a person that hopes to become a fashion designer begins very early in life to develop the interest and skills that will result in a career in the fashion industry. An important component of this is to improve a personal understanding of fashion history, trends, and successes and failures in the fashion industry in the past. In addition, to become a fashion designer requires that a person knows how to sew and draw well so that creations can go from the drawing board to reality. An individual that is hoping to become a fashion designer must be extremely knowledgeable of various fabrics and materials so that a correct choice of material may be applied to a specific design. In essence, to become a fashion designer demands a passion for the design and creation of garments that must come from within and needs to be constantly nurtured.

To become a fashion designer an individual should attend a quality school that offers programs and courses in fashion, art and design as they are applied to the fashion industry. This educational process is invaluable as a person hoping to become a fashion designer can create a portfolio of their work and receive insightful professional critiques from teachers and school staff. It is also during this time in formal training that an individual desiring to become a fashion designer can decide what area of fashion they wish to specialize in.

Upon completing their education, a person hoping to become a fashion designer can begin to seek employment in the fashion industry with an eye to continuing their education on the job. In most instances in the United States, to become a fashion designer requires that an individual relocate to one of the more popular fashion centres such as New York or Los Angeles to gain employment.

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Using Mr. Potato Head to Redesign Your Life

Gotcha, didn’t I? You thought that when I used a title about using Mr. Potato Head to redesign your life, I was meaning it literally. Actually, that whole idea is a bit fun. Imagine if you could wake up tomorrow and change your nose to go with the eyes you picked out the day before. You’d simply snap on new ears to redesign your face each day.

Using Mr. Potato Head to redesign your life, however, is still possible in a metaphorical way once you focus on the key idea of interchangeability. Just as there are several eyes, ears, noses, etc. in a Mr. Potato Head set, there are also reactions of joy, anger, discontent, and so forth, that are part of the assembly of a human life. The idea of using Mr. Potato Head to redesign your life is beneficial because it reminds you that interchangeability gives you options. You don’t have to stay the same old way.

Put another way, by associating your life with the interchangeable nature of Mr. Potato Head, you are given a chance to break the hurtful cycle of past behavior. Just as Mr. Potato Head’s eyes can be changed once you grow tired of them, for example, the features of your life that cause you hurt can also be changed. You can exchange anger for patience. You can exchange disappointment for perseverance.

Can you see how it would make you happy to know that if there was something you didn’t like about your life, you could simply recognize what it was and exchange it for something better? Interchangeability gives you a feeling of being in control, whether you’re playing with a Mr. Potato Head or struggling to change some undesirable quality.

More directly, you can even pretend that the specific features of Mr. Potato Head are symbols for what you don’t like about your life. The ears could represent hostility, the nose could represent shyness. In this way, the plastic features can offer you a certain tangibility, a new and beneficial way of bringing your emotions out into the open.

The point is that you are given the option to trade what doesn’t work for what does. In conclusion, have fun with your Mr. Potato Head set, but remember if you don’t like what you see you can always change it. Now where did I put my ears?

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Acme Pepper Spray Develops a Designer Line of Pepper Sprays for Every Occasion

Pepper spray is all the rage these days. Did you know that spray now comes in a large catalogue of designer fragrances and colours? It used to be that there was only one pepper spray on the market until Acme came out with variations on the original product that included, Thai Heat, Chipotle, Habanero, Jalapeno and Jet Black Indonesian. After more than 20 years of secret research and development a whole new line of pepper sprays is coming out on the market. It is an absolute blast of pepper spray euphoria to visit ground zero of the pepper spray world here in Portland at the Acme Pepper Spray factory outlet store. If you work for law enforcement you can order the new Acme Pepper spray catalogue and order from over 150 new derivative offerings that take pepper sprays to a whole new level. When you get to visit the store in person you can go beyond the catalogue scratch and sniff pages where the show room offers the equivalent of a wine tasting experience for pepper spay variations and newer alternatives. Don’t worry they promise not to get any in your eyes unless you sign a release form. It is an olfactory experience you should savour if you happen to be in Portland and can find the time to visit their relatively difficult to find location.

Acme realized that plane ordinary pepper spray was creating legal problems for the industry since some people who might be pepper sprayed are deathly allergic and can have their tissues swell up leading to suffocation , shock and even death on occasions. Ordinary pepper sprays should require police and others who carry the substance to warn those about to be sprayed to give those with known allergies to pepper time to get out of the line of fire. Acme’s solution was first to develop a sweet alternative they call Peace Spray because it was intentionally designed to take on anti-war protesters. Peace spray is saccharin sweet many times sweeter than sugar and sticky. It comes in a variety of natural and artificial flavour and can also be purchased with a peace canon that shoots it out with the consistency of cotton candy to subdue and repel protesters who believe they are seeking to stop war and promote peace. At Acme’s company store you can watch a mannequin’s head sprayed with sour grape flavoured peace spray turning it into what looks like a purple cotton candy face.

They will dispense a bit of it on a stick for you to taste it or a wide variety of flavours most of them sour. I thought it tasted wonderful but I might have needed to be carried away if they spayed it all over my face. I asked to taste the wild cherry and it was fantastic with a slight jalapeno overtone and a little mint tingle. Once you start sampling the various flavours and consistencies of the Acme designer peace spray line it is hard to stop. Protesters who schedule riots in advance by getting permits from cities can now ask in advance which pepper spays they want riot police to have on hand when they fill out the permit paper work. Most hippie protesters will fall head over heels for the non-potent natural Marijuana smoke spray. Acme designed this peace spray derivative as a means of confusing protesters as many will feel the urge to smoke pot without any of the effects which could be a strong incentive for them to go home and light up their bongs. Pepper spray really is all about discomfort psychology. Professional protesters should definitely go down to the Acme store and schedule a full line of product sampling so as to be prepared to know which they prefer.

In a display case in the store is one bottle of spray that will get your attention. It is called “Nothing spray.” Developed by the CIA back in the early 1960s , Nothing spray contains nothing other than fine particulate LSD. The only time it may have been used was at Woodstock for anti-crowd control. Fortunately it was never available to the public. Acme says it can manufacture a batch with a major surcharge if asked to do so.

Acme offers pepper sprays tolerance conditioning classes. Anyone can attend a four week course to learn how to thrive in a pepper spray attack and enjoy it. Mostly seasoned police officers take the course. It does cost around $250 usually paid for by riot control corps and police departments. Anyone can develop an immunity to pepper spray and learn to enjoy the experience simply by incremental exposure over a four week period of time. Acme will also take visitors on a tour of the factory floor where you will see the manufacturing in progress and then get to see the research and development lab where lines of cages with skunks inside them are part of their latest secret research and development program. No other animal is better for pepper spray research than skunks as the guinea pigs. If you can ruin a skunks day with pepper spray there is no other animal that won’t be disabled. There you can see the poor little skunks sprayed with various flavour variations of peace spray . Acme is proud to say they do no direct human testing only animal testing of their product line. If ever animal rights protesters come to the doors Acme knows what to do to get them to leave. Acme pepper sprays are effective every time.

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Easy Designs on Fingernails with Nail Polish

Women that enjoy colorful designer fingernails pay a lot for nail polish designs. When completed with care by a truly talented nail artist they can look like stunning works of art. The details are magnificent, and the colors are dramatic and bold. Unfortunately not everyone has the time or the money for this type of wearable art. Easy designs can be made using various colors of nail polish and everyone can do it. Give yourself designer nails at home, and create these easy designs on fingernails with nail polish. You just might surprise yourself!

Easy Daisy Dot Flowers on Fingernails

Absolutely anyone can create beautiful nail polish flowers that look just like tiny daisies. Begin by coating the fingernails with a background hue. When making daisy designs, consider using sky-blue or meadow green polish. Allow the basecoat to dry. Next, create small dots with yellow nail polish. Apply four to six dots on all of the fingernails, and wait until they dry before continuing. Lastly, create circles of white nail polish dots around the yellow centers to form daisies. They will look incredibly cute. No one will guess that you created these easy but impressive designs.

Multicolored Nail Polish Swirls and Glittery Curves

Would you like to create works of modern art on fingernails? You do not need a special air-brush or a professional technician. Apply a base coat in a deep dark color of your choice, and let the fingernails dry completely before continuing with the designs. Next, create a swirl similar to an S in the center of each of the fingernails. Allow the first designs to dry before moving on. Follow up by highlighting the designs with gold or silver. Simply make another S right alongside the first. The designs will have an eye-catching two-dimensional appearance. Your fingernails will look fabulous!

Special Effects the Easy Way with Cracked Nail Polish

Have you discovered the latest and greatest advances in polish technology? Special effects nail polish is available in an array of eye-catching colors, and it creates marble-like cracked designs on the fingernails. The thinner the crackle nail polish is applied, the more cracks will be created. The thicker the crackle nail polish, the wider and fewer the cracks. Keep in mind that the base color will show through the cracks on the fingernails, and the colors should be complimentary. This magical nail polish can turn ordinary painted fingernails into works of art, and in just two easy steps.

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‘I Was Raped’ Shirt Another Fashion Misdemeanor by Shocking Designer

You’ve seen slogans on t-shirts that read “my dad went to Disneyland and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” or some such sentiments. Women’s informational website Scarletteen is selling a t-shirt with the message “I was raped.” It is causing controversy and some women’s advocates are vociferous in their allegations that it could cause more harm than actually do good.
Brought to you by Jennifer Baumgardner, women’s rights activist with an in your face mentality, this shirt is a follow up to her bold statement made with the “I had an Abortion” t-shirt she championed in 2003. Her reasons for crafting the shirt are compelling: she seeks to encourage strong women to put themselves out there to let those suffering in silence in the aftermath of rape know that they are not alone.

Similarly, it is an opening for a conversation while at the same time taking the shame away from the woman who was victimized and instead places it back onto the perpetrator (where it belongs). Ms. Baumgardner also declares that justice is a far cry from being meted out in the aftermath of rape and in many ways this shirt is a step to affecting personal justice by not hiding the crime from those in the victim’s circle of influence.

As someone whose dearest friend was the victim of date rape, I must honestly say that while I applaud Ms. Baumgardner for her extravert bravery if she wishes to wear this shirt to make a personal statement about her own experience and how she is dealing with it, I am mortified by the somewhat ill conceived notion that women in general should consider wearing it.

Although my friend has dealt with the experience, she is affronted at the prospect of wearing such a t-shirt to show her support for rape victims, and although an active feminist sees this as a gigantic step backwards. Interestingly, in her view her disgust over the shirt has nothing to do with personal shame or guilt but instead everything with cheapening the crime by more or less issuing a cattle call for liberated women to “prove” their feminism with donning an “I was Raped” t-shirt.

Suddenly the crime victim becomes a 24-7 spokesperson for the ravages of this crime and is supposed to help her sisters who might not yet have come out of the shadows to also advance to the mindset that will have them be comfortable to self-stigmatize. Essentially, my friend is right in alleging that instead of being seen as a smart, vivacious, feminist, and politically astute yet deeply religious individual she is asked by a liberated woman to shackle herself to a self-definition of victimhood overcome.

I agree with her completely. The negativity that goes along with wearing such a shirt by far outweighs the potential of starting a conversation or making oneself known as being willing to be approached. The “I had an Abortion” t-shirt that Ms. Baumgardner had previously crafted was based on the execution (literal as well as figurative) of the wearer’s choice whereas the “I was Raped” sentiment does not reflect any personal choice on the part of the victim. Making the survival of the most egregious breach of trust a wearable article of trade available in light pink in a variety of sizes is a bit much.

Of course, there are other aspects to consider; for example, if you were to encounter a woman sporting such a t-shirt, how would you act? Would you go up to her and say “good for you! I appreciate your bravery” when she is really in excruciating pain inside and bravery has nothing to do with this but instead a cry for help is more or less the driving force? How about the woman who is subjected to jeers and taunts from knuckle draggers who are still waiting in line for evolution?

On the flipside, as a man, how do you approach a woman wearing a t-shirt that claims “I was Raped?” Do you try to stay away? Do you pretend not to see it? Do you say something and hope not to get your head bitten off? It is interesting to note that the Men Can Stop Rape website also offers merchandise which instead of the victim-aspect stresses the empowerment of men as young as teen boys to prevent and stop rape. When compared to the “I was Raped” t-shirt, the empowering merchandise of the D.C. organization is sure to have much more of an impact and a constructive message.

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Sagittarius Tattoo Design Ideas

Sagittarius is the zodiac symbol for those born between November 22nd and December 22nd. There are a few myths and legends that surround Sagittarius. The constellation also has a place in The Tarot. All of these stories can be used when creating a tattoo design idea for a Sagittarius.
Tattoo design ideas based on the Sagittarius symbol

Sagittarius is The Archer. The symbol, or glyph, of Sagittarius looks like an arrow pointing toward the Northeast. This is The Archer’s arrow. Here are a couple of ideas for tattoo designs based on this symbol:

1) A Sagittarius tattoo of just the symbol. Add anything with the tattoo that represents your personality. Use flames, flowers, butterflies, anything at all.

2) Make the arrow more realistic looking. Create a bow and arrow, pointing to the Northeast, or any type of bow. Have fun with how the bow looks, making it fit your personality. If you are into Dungeons and Dragons make an elven bow. The possibilities are endless.

Sagittarius tattoo design ideas based on mythology

There are two stories that revolve around the constellation of Sagittarius. Both of them have to do with archers, and one is much more famous than the other. However, both of them apart, or together, would make interesting tattoo designs.

1) The centaur Chiron was very smart, and he trained many of the most famous heroes of Greek mythology. Some of them include Peleus, Achilles, and Jason. Chiron was also considered a god, and therefore was immortal. When he was accidentally struck with one of Hercules’ poisoned arrows, Chiron was poisoned but could not die. The pain and torture from the wound became too much for him to bear and he gave up his immortality. Chiron was placed in the stars as Sagittarius.

Chiron was a centaur, meaning he had the upper body of a man and the lower body of a horse. Create a Sagittarius tattoo design of Chiron holding a bow with a notched arrow. The arrow would represent the Sagittarius symbol, but so would Chiron.

2) Crotus was a satyr who was a skilled hunter. He invented the bow and arrow. He lived on Mount Helikon where he kept the Muses happy. When he died, Crotus was placed in the stars as Sagittarius to remind the world of his hunting skills.

Satyrs are often depicted as having the upper body of a man and the lower body of a goat. This would be the obvious choice when creating a Sagittarius tattoo based on the satyr, Crotus. However, satyrs really had the tail of a horse, the ears of an ass, an always erect phallus, and they loved wine. They were always dancing, drinking, and making music.

3) How about a Sagittarius tattoo design of both Chiron and Crotus? Have Chiron holding the bow and arrow, and Crotus sitting on his back downing some wine or playing a flute.

Sagittarius tattoo design ideas based on The Tarot

The Tarot card represented by Sagittarius is Temperance. The card represents balance and could be a very beautiful tattoo design. The card has an angel with wings and a halo. He/she has one foot in water, the other on land. The sun is rising behind him/her. In his/her hands are two chalices, and he/she is pouring water from one chalice to the other. This means that the card represents all four elements of earth, fire, water, and air. This makes the elements balanced. The chalices also represent balance, as there is an equal amount of water in both.

Create a tattoo of the card itself. Make the angel beautiful and colorful, incorporating all four elements. By adding the Sagittarius symbol somewhere it will help stress the point of the tattoo design.

Some tidbits of information on Sagittarius for more tattoo design ideas

Use these bits of information to add on to any Sagittarius tattoo design.

1) The animal that represents Sagittarius is the centaur. Chiron has already been mentioned, but there are other centaurs in Greek mythology. Nessus was a centaur that managed to take down Hercules. Nessus tried to rape Hercules’ love, and the hero shot the centaur with his poisoned arrows. Just before he died, he told the woman that his blood would guarantee that Hercules would always love her. Later, she would give Hercules a blood soaked cloth, that because Nessus’ blood was poisoned, it poisoned Hercules.

Centaurs are also well-known for their lust for drink and debauchery. Create tattoo designs of any of these centaurs. Have Nessus with Hercules’ woman on his back. Or create a tattoo design of a centaur, drunk and partying.

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